by Hatefilled Kids

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released April 18, 2017

Recorded at Super Unison Peckham, and Overdrive Deptford by Peter A. Mixed and mastered by Peter A.


Thanks to: Colette, Peter, Oli, Juice, Raquel, Alex, Tom, Nuria, Tamsin, Gabi, Camille, Power Lunches (RIP), Smash Disco and DSFL



all rights reserved


Hatefilled Kids London, UK

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Track Name: Bring Down Yer Upbringing
Society digs into you with some vile shite
That the best is male, cis, straight & white
All that bollocks that your elders said
Take your conditioning out back, crowbar its head

There's a fascist in your heart (Ya gotta kill that cunt)
Patriarchal impulses (Ya gotta let em go)
There's a tory in your blood (Ya gotta do it in)
There's a bigot in your bones (Slit its throat)

It's an ongoing process without an end
To eradicate prejudice, to heal, to mend
Internalised oppressions, cut em out like a cancer
Keep asking questions cos there's no easy answer
Track Name: ACAC (All Cops Are Cops)
You wanna make a change (Yer a cop)
But you play the system's game (Yer a cop)
And the wheels you can't stop
So now you're a cop

All cops are cops
All cops are cops
And it's never gonna stop
And still the bodies drop
All cops are cops

Fall in step with the norm (Yer a cop)
Tarnished by the uniform (Yer a cop)
Mentality turns blue
Fear and anger eats you

Cos your job it changes you
It doesn't matter, whatever you do
From greengrocers eyeing up cabbage
To writers cultivating their emotional damage
And when you enforce the rules of the state
You learn to beat, you learn to hate
You learn to profile and to lie
To build a blue wall before prying eyes
To care about order, not innocence or guilt
To never question your fellow filth
You stand in line, the law your will
Before you just the scum

To kill

Each and every cop is a cop
Track Name: Fuck Grammar Nazi Sympathy
From slangs to idiolects and cants
Language is life, words are beautiful
It explodes, corrupts, redoubles, wavers
Adapting, unbreakable, mutable

Fuck grammar nazi sympathy
You're past simple, we're future perfect
Grammar police bastard
Prescriptivist scum, prescriptivist scum
Fuck grammar nazi sympathy
You're stative, we're dynamic
Grammar police bastard
We argot, go, go. You're gone.

We'll split infinitives like your face
You uphold oppressive structures with your pedantic schtick
If the twists and typos annoy you
Y O U R a prick

(tense breakdown) Yer a prick.
Track Name: Pierre Menard, Frontman of Discharge
Started a band with my mate
I said, what sound you wanna do?
You wanna bring together disparate influences?
Mold em into somethin new?

He said, no I've got another idea
I said then alright show me
He said, I wanna sound like just one thing
One thing and one thing only

If it doesn't sound like Discharge, you can fuck yerself
If it ain't got that d-beat, you can beat it, go to hell
If it ain't screamin bout nuclear war
If it ain't dirty, if it ain't raw
If it ain't got that harsh primitive roar
If it doesn't sound like Discharge, you can fuck yerself

He said, I wanna roll like an armed revolution
I asked why? He answered, Why
Pierre Menard, Frontman of Discharge
Be a disaster, have a war cry

Recreate to create, live that look
Ready to combust, those clones in black leather
More style, more noise, fuck melody
Crash that crust, Kawakami forever
Track Name: Punks is Selfies
The world looks shit, but you look good
You look bangin, the future looks bleak
So blast that gram, you know you should
Don't care if you ain't showered in a week

World hate
Punks is selfies
Now go die
Instagram filter harsh black and white

Look in the mirror, see a total babe
Look out the window, see total war
Before the filth burst in on a no-knock raid
Snap a pic then out the back door

Lit by the flames, your hair looks great
It comes for you, it comes for all
Yer getting comfortable with your weight
In the background the bomb falls
Track Name: Here Comes The Punch
Pulling back
Too late to aim
All frustration focused
Ready to pour out
All rage into
One senseless action
It's what your wanted
So here it comes
Awaiting impact
Here comes the punch